Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First draft complete for City of the Lords!

Today I finished the first draft of City of the Lords, the sequel to Lord of the City. It felt great to get through the last few chapters and tie things up. It clocks in at almost exactly 129,000 words, or about 30% longer than Lord of the City. I've already done a full revision run-through of parts 1 and 2, so I just need to crank through part 3 before I've done a complete pass on the entire text. That means I'm well on track to have it released by the end of March as both an eBook and a paperback.

If you're interested in getting an early look at the manuscript and giving comments and criticism, please contact me via email at bryan@bryanleegregory.com. I've done enough revision that I don't expect any major rewrites of sections between now and publication, but there's always places where I'll make grammar mistakes or continuity errors (though I've hopefully weeded those down to a minimum!).

Thanks for your continuing interest. I'm really looking forward to getting the story published and available!

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