Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cover Art and other news for CotL

A few quick pieces of news about City of the Lords:

- I talked to Jeremy Gregory ( about doing the cover art. He did the (excellent) cover art for Lord of the City, and I look forward to keeping the same style on this one.

- I've done another editing pass over Part 1 and am ready to start passing it around for initial comments from one or two people. I need to do the same thing for Part 2 and finish Part 3, then print the whole thing out and do an out-loud reading for myself to mark up.

- Last but far from least, I did a full read through of Lord of the City and matched up some details and timelines from that book to this one. For example, I'd messed up the number of continents claimed to be ruled by the Bladesmen on their home world - in the first book it was stated to be four, while I'd initially written in only one for the sequel. Glad I checked back and got that one right!

Beyond that, I'm still aiming for a release by the end of March. I think everything's on track to make that happen.

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