Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Starting in on Book 3 of the Bladesmen Lords!

I came back from a short vacation and was able to finally figure out some of the things that have kept me from starting in on Book 3 of the Bladesmen Lords series. Specifically it was the point of view of the first part of the book - there were two "candidates" who would each have been able to witness the necessary portions of the outline that I'd written, but each one was going to give a very different take on the events and I'd been struggling for some time as to which one to write as. It came together on the ten hour drive home yesterday, though, and I'm off to the races! Chapter 1 is written. In an example of how things go for me when I have a good outline to write from and some time to think about it, the chapter is about 2700 words (approximately 8 pages in my usual format; I try to keep chapters between 5 and 11 pages long) and took about an hour to write.

With approximately 35 - 40 chapters outlined, if the book ended up being exactly what I've laid out so far it would end up right around 100,000 words - a bit shorter than Lord of the City. Since I haven't outlined the whole thing that I have in mind, I'm (very) tentatively expecting it to end up about the length of City of the Lords, though I could be wildly off base in that - things never go where I expect them to while I'm writing.