Monday, December 5, 2016

First round of proofreading complete

Welcome to December!

I've found proofreading to be an effective alternative to focusing on the crazy world of politics over the last few months, and last night finally concluded the first round on my latest novel. As expected, I ended up adding about 10,000 words and it's now right around 125,000 - or approximately 350 pages in your standard paperback format. Some of that was entirely new 'scenes', but most of it came from fleshing out existing passages, adding bits of color and detail, and a few additions for consistency's sake throughout. Because the novel flips between different points of view in alternating time periods, it's been very important to make sure certain topics line up properly throughout the entire story.

Next step is working through a printed copy and reading the whole thing out loud. Once that's done it's time to decide the best way to move forward with getting it published!

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