Wednesday, March 27, 2013

City of the Lords looks great!

I received my first printed copies of City of the Lords today and they look great! It's significantly thicker than Lord of the City - I was surprised by the weight difference just holding them in my hands. The spine looks nicely consistent with its predecessor, too, so the two will fit just right next to each other on a bookshelf.

I'll be taking some copies down to Jan's Paperbacks in Aloha today or tomorrow. In addition, both books will be available at the Alliance Seattle stand up at NorWesCon in Seattle next weekend so you can pick them up there as well. Finally, you can always order copies of City of the Lords directly from CreateSpace (oddly, I get almost double the royalty from a direct CreateSpace order than I do from the Amazon site, even though both companies are owned by Amazon...).

And, of course, the ebook version is available from Barnes and Noble for your Nook, for your Kindle, or Kobo for your Kobo eReader!

I'm always happy to sign books for people in-person wherever they buy them. I've set up an Events page on my website and will be updating that with new events as I get them added.

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