Thursday, October 21, 2010

Editing - Novel 2

20 more pages worth of editing put into the computer.

I'm spotting a few more things as I go through, and disagreeing with some of my earlier comments, but all in all I'm getting a lot of good changes in place. I use commas too much! I end up with some sentences that are too long, and I've been chopping several into pieces which seems to make the paragraph as a whole flow a bit better.

The editing is keeping the length steady at about 96,000 words, which is around where I expect it will end up staying. I have some thoughts on places I could add more if I wanted, but I expect I won't do so unless the length drops significantly after C&C from friends. That might be the time that I chop out whole sections and do one last pass to try and tighten up the prose before sending it in with queries to agents.

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